Premiere: Lena Raine 'Trance State (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)'

Anastasia Kristensen will feature on a forthcoming remix compilation.

Local Action and Lena Raine will release 'Reknowing', a multi-disciplinary remix series of Raine's debut album, 'Oneknowing', next month. Raine, a BAFTA-nominated composer, composed the soundtrack to 2018’s video game Celeste, and more recently for Minecraft's Nether update.

Featuring seven re-imaginations, artists such as Yamaneko, Ziúr, and techno producer Anastasia Kristensen have contributed to 'Reknowing', which is slated for release on 9th September. There's also a remix from Yasunori Nishiki, who worked on the Octopath Traveller and Final Fantasy 7 remake games.

Anastasia Kristensen's remix of 'Trance State' transforms the ambient, ebbing original into a club workout. With an introduction through juttered breaks, Kristensen's crunchy techno rework turns Raine's heavenly production into a dark, warped journey through sound.

Listen to 'Trance State (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)' below, and pre-order 'Reknowing' here.

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