Premiere: Mehen ‘Imperfections In The Sun’

Paris-based producer Mehen (aka Hadone) will release a new EP, ‘Imperfections In The Sun’, via LA label Amniote Editions. You can hear the title track below. 

Across four tracks, Mehen sculpts fast, melodic and melancholic techno in the same universe as his acclaimed 2019 EP for the label, ‘I’ve Heard A Lot About Harmony’. Nimble kicks and scorched electronics prime the first three tracks for the dancefloor, while closer ‘Her Revolver's Eye Shot Me Down’ is a spaced out cut of skipping drums, breaks and Aphex Twin Druqksisms that knocks on the door of d&b. 

‘Imperfections In The Sun’ will be released this Friday 22nd October. Pre-order it here