Premiere: SHALT ‘Mirrorburst’

Polaroid of SHALT looking at the camera

SHALT will release a new EP, '2140', via his own REMADE label in April. 

The London producer’s knack for fusing heavyweight soundsystem pressure with lucid sound design shines across these four tracks, pushing the experimental club style he’s demonstrated on previous EPs for Astral Plane and on his own pop edit packs, ‘ʃælt’ i, ii and iii, to new heights. Pulling influence from dubstep and dancehall, the sub-shaking rhythms on '2140' propel the tracks’ Ultra-HD sound sculptures straight into your brain. Proper rib-tickling, head spinning stuff.

Listen to ‘Mirrorburst’ below. 

‘2140’ will be released on 8th April. Pre-order it here