Premiere: Special Request ‘Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper Remix)’

Hooversound Recordings is kicking 2021 off with a bang. The label’s first release of the year sees breakthrough jungle star Tim Reaper remixing cuts from Special Request’s 2019 album, ‘Zero Fucks’.

Set for release on 22nd January via SHERELLE and Naina’s burgeoning imprint, the four-track EP is a blazing feast of breaks. Reaper, whose encyclopedic knowledge of jungle’s history and knack for innovation has seen him rise to dazzling heights in the past year, puts a fresh spin on Paul Woolford’s febrile rhythms as Special Request. 

Where ‘Zero Fucks’ focussed “purely on the heavyweight original hardcore ethos of taking whatever you want from anywhere”, Reaper’s reworks hold the magnifying glass to those tracks’ most striking features; paring the beats back to let the melodies shine through, or letting the drums run loose over freshly chopped up vocal samples. 

‘Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper Remix)’ opens the EP, and finds Reaper dialling back the harshness of the breaks and turning down the howling bass to make room for its chiming lead melody. The resulting remix is a dazzler, riding on a steady four-four rhythm before the ravey breakdown gives way for an eruption of breaks and swirling FX. Check it out below. 


djmag · Premiere: Special Request ‘Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper Remix)’

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