Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ 40th anniversary Dolby Atmos reissue released: Listen

Prince's landmark album 'Purple Rain' has been reissued for Dolby Atmos sound for its 40th anniversary.

Warner's NRG Records and Paisley Park Enterprises have rereleased the 1984 classic LP for the high quality surround sound format on select streaming services, Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Music. NME reports that Prince collaborator Chris James mixed the Atmos version from the original master tapes.

The 'Purple Rain' film has also been restored in 4K for a special screening during the annual Paisley Park Prince Celebration event, taking place this past weekend through today, with a limited-run cinema release to follow from 3rd July. The Blu-Ray version of the rock opera is availble from tomorrow, 25th June, according to Billboard.

'Purple Rain' is currently being adapted into a Broadway musical, with more details expected to come later this year.

Prince's iconic yellow Cloud 3 guitar was recently sold at auction for $910,000 (USD). It was estimated to sell between $400,000 and $600,000. 

Last summer, Prince's 'Diamonds And Pearls' was reissued with a special expanded edition featuring 47 previously unreleased songs, including '7 (E Flat Version)' and 'All A Share Together Now'. He was also honoured by his hometown of Minneapolis with a dedicated segment of the Minnesota State Highway 5.

The six-year legal battle surrounding Prince's assets and estate was resolved in 2022. 

Find all the Dolby Atmos versions of 'Purple Rain' currently available to stream here, and listen to it below.