Quiet Bison Drops Experimental New EP "Nightfall"

If there’s anyone right now worthy the title “the next Flume,” it’s Quiet Bison. Not that Bison is biting on Flume’s sound at all, but the young producer’s skill with a synth is second to only few, even only a year after the project’s debut. Now, he’s just dropped his third EP, Nightfall, and cemented his status as a rising producer even further.

Producers can take any number inspirations for their music — for Quiet Bison on this EP, the inspiration came more out necessity.

“I got the idea for this EP when I was on a late night drive and felt that I needed music to keep me awake through the trip. I’m usually a night owl anyways, so a lot this EP was written at night or just as the sun was rising while I was sleep deprived and a little out it.” – QUIET BISON

In the end, the 7-track collection bleeds creativity and oozes sound design like hot chocolate from a molten lava cake. It’s almost unbearably rich, and you wonder how someone could even create something so delicious, but it’s right there in front you, staring you in the face.

Each track on the EP is surely worthy its own detailed analysis, but I’ll leave that to your own ears — it’s worth the listen. Check it out below.