Quiet Bison Unveils Artful 30-Track Debut Album, “Dawn”: Listen

In a statement as bold as his sound design, electronic music tastemaker Quiet Bison has finally unveiled his debut album, Dawn.

It's not often that artists are able to conceptualize and engineer projects of this scope, The album spans 30 tracks, a scale that could be deemed by many as risky in today’s musical landscape.

But the 20-year-old producer isn’t one to shy away from creative challenges or filter his art in any way for the sake of commercialism. Throughout Dawn, Quiet Bison masterfully displays his incredible range as an artist, juxtaposing quirky melodies and granular textures with bit-crushed bass and punchy drum programming.

Previously released singles such as “High Like This” (with Reo Cragun) and “Call It Even“ (with Pauline Herr) are reinforced by a bevy of new collabs with the likes of wilo wilde, TYGKO, Madalen Duke, Bijou Violet and more. Nevertheless, the bulk of Dawn comprises solo instrumental tracks, which beautifully showcase Bison’s defiantly experimental sensibilities while moonlighting as a testament to his avant-garde approach to production.

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Quiet Bison Unveils Artful 30-Track Debut Album, "Dawn": Listen

"Dawn" is a scintillating display of Quiet Bison’s groundbreaking style.

"Dawn is my biggest project to date and it has captured the entirety of my life pre-Covid and during," Quiet Bison explained in a press statement. "I became close with people I never thought and this is a sonic journey into my mind and dealing with relationships especially ones from a distance. Dawn is also a story about fighting for love and the tragedy that can sometimes come with that."

You can stream Dawn here.


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