RAC Leads the Way for Goldroom’s "Guess I’m Jaded" Remix Package

Los Angeles-based singer and producer Goldroom and three-piece indie-electronic band Moontower hooked listeners in early July with their vibrant and groovy single, "Guess I’m Jaded." Tapping into elements of French house and ‘70s funk, the song’s amorphous arrangements magnified the feeling of summer while lyrically expressing the woes one may experience when going to parties.

Longtime friends Goldroom and Grammy-winning artist RAC recently celebrated one year of their label Minerva Music, home to "Guess I’m Jaded." Appropriately, RAC now leads the way for a series of re-imaginations as part of Goldroom’s official remix package. RAC energizes the original’s steady beat and establishes a soothing four-on-the-floor rhythm. The lush melodies are rearranged to create a fresh anthem, still reminiscent of the high-spirited original that listeners fell in love with this past July.

Featuring some of Goldroom’s current favorite artists such as LUXXURY, Dance Yourself Clean, and Wildfire, the "Guess I’m Jaded" remix package spotlights three additional spectacular recreations that transport listeners to all corners of disco music.

You can listen to the record in full below.


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