Rich DietZ Turn Back the Clock With Massive House Remix of Cassie’s “Me & You”

2021 is almost over, but with a tandem as prolific as Rich DietZ, every day is curtain time. 

This year, the promising house music duo have released new music with the furious pace of the Energizer Bunny. And despite the death knell of December, it seems there's no end in sight after they released yet another signature track.

This time around, Rich DietZ have turned the clock back to 2006 to rework Cassie's steamy R&B hit "Me & You." The remix is anthemic in nature, dialing up the BPM of the original and transforming it from a bedroom baby-maker to a certified club jam. Rich DietZ were shrewd in their decision to keep the song's distinctive keys intact, a move that pays homage to Cassie.

While the remix is certainly a showcase of Rich DietZ's wholly singular music production chops, it also serves to reinforce the pair as seasoned selectors. Digging through crates to dust the cobwebs off a mid-aughts anthem is a bold move, but they managed to breathe new life into it and offer DJs a new throwback weapon for their sets.

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Rich DietZ Turn Back the Clock With Massive House Remix of Cassie's "Me & You"

The piping-hot house music duo have released a bona fide throwback weapon.

You can check out Rich DietZ's remix of "Me & You" below.


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