Rickyxsan and Hydraulix Reunite for Mind-Melting Trap Single, “ZONED”

Trap music fans, rejoice.

After nearly a two-year hiatus, Rickyxsan is back in action alongside Hydraulix for a mind-bending single called "ZONED," out now via the former's newly minted Sonic Trip imprint.

Much like their previous collaborations "Sleep," "UNDRGRND," and "Stoopid," Rickyxsan and Hydraulix's sounds perfectly mesh for a trap banger that longtime fans simply won't be able to get enough of. The song's eerie intro quickly finds its way to a drop without a traditional build-up, blindsiding listeners with blistering subs and screeching synths.

It's the return we've all craved from Rickyxsan, and the joint effort with Hydraulix only bolsters the quality. Take a listen below.

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Rickyxsan and Hydraulix Reunite for Mind-Melting Trap Single, "ZONED"

"ZONED" is Rickyxsan's first original track in nearly two years.

"ZONED" is the first single from Rickyxsan since he and Hydraulix last collaborated on "Stoopid" in 2020. Hydraulix, however, has kept a steady hand with his releases in that timeframe. Last year, he released his scintillating debut album, Imposter Syndrome, on Liquid Stranger's Wakaan imprint.

Listen to "ZONED" on streaming platforms here.


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