Seekay Drops Highly-Anticipated EP "Reflections"

This past year has been a time of introspectiveness for many, including the Australian songwriter and producer Seekay. He's channeled this inner exploration into his work, unveiling the beautiful six-track EP, Reflections. This offering sees him reach his highest creative form with the help of Chloe, the featured vocalist across the entire album. 

Through Reflections, fans are treated to an intimate look inside the mind of a true lyricist and storyteller. The previously released singles "Hold," "Fall," and "Wiser" kick-started the journey, and "Reach," "Hurts," and "Rose" seal the deal, encapsulating his raw honesty into a stunning piece of electronica. Chloe's earnest and ethereal vocals beautifully complement Seekay's productions which will sweep the listener up in an intricately-designed soundscape. 

Seekay is a rising star that needs to be on your radar. You can hear his inspirations find a unique home in his productions, drawing from the likes of Billie Eilish, Lorde, Tash Sultana, GalimatiasAlina Baraz, The Weeknd, Imogen Heap, and Tame Impala. He's an artist that champions authenticity in everything he does, including his work as an author, multi-published poet, award-winning screenwriter, and painter. We can't wait to hear what Seekay has in store for us next. 

You can stream Reflections across all platforms here.