SG Lewis Announces Sophomore Album, Celebrates With New Double Single

Big updates from SG Lewis, who this week announced the name and release date of a forthcoming double album: AudioLust & HigherLove.

To celebrate, the Brit has also released a double A-side single with two of the project's tracks. When paired together, they provide an uncanny tease of the album's overall concepts: lust, love and the gray areas—or dance floors—between. 

First up is "Vibe Like This" (with Lucky Daye and Ty Dolla $ign), a pop slow-burner that could pass off readily as an unreleased cut off Funk Wav Bounces Vol 2. Toes will tap and heads will nod as this song elevates from a twinkling piano melody into a potent blend of vocal charisma.

"Been around the world, I did / Never felt a vibe like this," Daye and Dolla $ign croon on its chorus. 

Then there's album opener "Infatuation," a disco-drenched arrangement of bass guitar plucks and retro raindrop synths. Earnest and curious, it's here where Lewis finds his groove: "Maybe in another life I could find my tongue and tell you how I’m feeling," he prefaces in its first verse. You can envision the club even with your eyes open. Close your eyes and the lights will start to flash.

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SG Lewis Announces Sophomore Album, Celebrates With New Double Single

"Vibe Like This" (with Lucky Daye and Ty Dolla $ign) and "Infatuation" will both be included on the forthcoming album, due January 2023

It's these sorts of escapist soundscapes that Lewis is known for, transporting us to the depths of the dancefloor from so far away as the darkest corners of our own homes. Now, on AudioLust & HigherLove, he will attempt to build not just a place or an experience, but a universe.

“The album is clearly split into two worlds,” Lewis explained in a press release.

"AudioLust is the darker, lusty, infatuated, short-lived, and ego-driven version of love," he continued. "The second half represents a much deeper, actualized, and fulfilled version of love...The bulk of the album was written across a series of intensive studio residencies in the height of the pandemic, with the help of some incredibly talented friends, and allowed me to explore myself as an artist in a way that I would never have dared before."

AudioLust & HigherLove is due January 27th via Astralwerks. You can pre-save the album here. 

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