Sikdope Adds To Diverse Tracklist With "Follow"

Over the past 3 years, the Electronic Music has been flipped on its head. 3 years may even be a bit conservative, but, whatever. The drum and bass scene has grown from what was once for the “outcasts” to becoming one the leading genres within Electronic Music. A name that has grown prominent not only within , but, within a diverse range sub-genres, Sikdope, has been hitting hard with original tracks and remixes.

Sikdope Follow

If you have been a fan for Sikdope and have seen him live, you will recognize this track for its impactful drop in his sets. Boundaries don't seem to be a limit for this guy as every track seems to drop with a different element dance music. To date, this is one the best Sikdope productions we have heard. Listening to it a few times, it becomes really confusing how this melodic vocal pairs so well with the hard drop, but it does. And, we are all here for it. Listen to “Follow” below and add it to whatever you gotta add it to. It's fire. Got a weird Big Room Trance feel at some points (minimally) and it fires me up.