SM1LO and FARRUGGIO Team Up for Anthemic House Bop “Blow My Horn”

Blossoming dance music duo SM1LO have teamed up with FARRUGGIO for "Blow My Horn," a high-flying house tune fit for the mainstage.

A singalong banger brimming with big room house energy, the track begins with catchy ad-libs that layer atop an earworm of a melody, inviting listeners to hum along. Those chants build and eventually culminate in an anthemic drop, which features stentorian brass shots that reverberate through the arrangement with ferocity.

The choice to use the chants was inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street, according to SM1LO, who wanted to channel the chest-thumping nature of Matthew McConaughey's brazen character in the film.

Shrewd sound design techniques bring "Blow My Horn" further into anthem territory. SM1LO and FARRUGGIO opt to employ cowbell samples in the track's choruses, introducing a subtle technique that makes the drops even more foot-stomping. They keep their feet on the pedal in the break, where they usher in a vocoded vocal that will serve club floors well.

Take a listen to "Blow My Horn" below.

"Considering the popularity of sax in EDM, we undertook the idea to merge a catchy vocal hum with brass stabs and sax," SM1LO said in a statement about the origins of the track. "We immediately called Jimmy Merchant, a Broadway sax player and friend to help up come up with a catchy melody. We were going to go the tech house route, but really liked the idea of merging the nostalgic big room and massive kicks/bass and instead went in the other direction."

From there, "Blow My Horn" came together naturally. "We all layered in our vocals on the mic and the music creation process was effortless," SM1LO continued. "Fast forward one summer later, as the timing felt right post-Covid and with return of the Summer craziness, and we decided to release 'Blow My Horn,' a four-to-the-floor, napkin-throwing and wall-slapping anthem."