SNBRN Returns with Massive Malcom Anthony and Anthony Isaiah Collab, "James Brown"

With his new single "James Brown," SNBRN goes above and beyond his reputation for all things house. 

Out today via Ultra Music, "James Brown," featuring Malcolm Anthony and Anthony Isaiah, is a seamless incorporation of both classic house energy and new wave funk. Five years in the works, it’s an exciting release from SNBRN, going beyond his beloved synth-heavy style with groove-inducing percussive elements and a smooth guitar riff. 

Featured above SNBRN's arrangement are Anthony and Isaiah, whose vocals bring a special human touch to "James Brown." From Anthony's velvety flows to Isaiah's soulful intonations, each artist adds a special dimension to the song, transforming what could have been a typical house track into one that is timeless and memorable. 

"One crazy night about two years ago in my studio in LA, I showed my newest version of the instrumental demo to Malcolm," SNBRN wrote on Twitter. "Anthony showed up about 30 minutes later and, my god, it was like James Brown was actually in the studio with us. The magic in the room that night was something else."

Ever since his first releases in 2014, SNBRN has consistently made big moves in the house scene. While his earlier successes include "Raindrops" featuring Kerli and "Beat the Sunrise" featuring Andrew Watt, he has continued to evolve his sound through underground-leaning hits like 2016's "Gangsta Walk," which incorporates an unreleased Nate Dogg acapella, and 2018's "Move All Night" with Autograf featuring KOLE