Spotify Just Purchased This Major Music Production Marketplace To Better Help Musucians

Spotify is supporting musicians (while simultaneous looking after its own interests) in its new acquisition production marketplace SoundBetter.

If you haven’t heard SoundBetter, now’s the time to get acquainted. A blog post from Spotify today reads:

SoundBetter is the world’s leading music talent marketplace, helping musicians and labels worldwide connect and collaborate with top music pressionals so they can get to great-sounding release-ready songs. Their comprehensive database creative pressionals allow you to directly hire tens thousands top producers, singers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, and session musicians.

SoundBetter launched in 2012 with a current community over 180,000, spanning 176 countries and 14,000 cities worldwide.

Visit SoundBetter here to get started.


Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek Getty s