Tenaj Releases New Club-Ready Single “By My Side”

Tenaj is here to unveil her latest club offering, a euphoric new single titled "By My Side."

The track is the 7th single she's dropped in 2021 so far, an impressive feat considering we're only in spring. It follows her most recent release, the sultry house tune "I'm In Your Mind," and arrives today via Future Plan Digital. 

Artwork for Tenaj's new single "By My Side."

Artwork for Tenaj's new single "By My Side."

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer's new single comes right in time for clubs and festivals to reopen with a steady four-on-the-floor beat and enchanting vocal performance.

The production here is crisp and fluid, with every intricate sound having its time to shine yet never overshadowing the other. Guided by its future house-inspired arrangement, lush piano strikes and deep basslines guide listeners through to the track's bouncy drop, which features spacey vocal chops throughout.


Tenaj is a rising artist who originally hails from Switzerland and now calls Los Angeles home, where her love for music brought her to the famous LA Music Academy. There she earned the coveted awards of "Best Emerging Artist" and "Best EDM Song," among other nods.

You can stream "By My Side" across all platforms now.


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