Max M Drops Feel-Good Single “If This Is What It Feels Like”

Rising French producer Max M is fresh off the release of his debut EP Renaissance. The five-track collection featured a number of his previous releases as well as his most recent single, "If This Is What It Feels Like" featuring vocals by Chris Willis and Della Ciprian. This was the final brushstroke on his dance-pop magnum opus.

"If This Is What It Feels Like" features similar formulaic sound design as Max M's previous feel-good releases. He has a penchant for light and effervescent soundscapes, packed with bubbly synths and warm guitar riffs.

The melodies here are heightened by heartfelt vocals courtesy of both Willis and Ciprian, who offer a powerful edge with their forceful croons. Max M expertly balances the vox with infectious pop elements and danceable beats to "If This Is What It Feels Like" ready for radio and club floors alike. 

Check out the track in full below.

Max M's journey to Renaissance—though circuitous—was always in the cards. He began DJing and producing at the age of 14 but later went on to focus his attention on a fruitful career in computer science.

He became an expert in the IT world but when he hit 40, he decided it was time to get back into music production. After retraining himself in the art form, he went on to release original singles such as "Under Water," "Never Wanna Leave," "Imaginary Problems," and "I'll Be Up." 

You can stream "If This Is What It Feels Like" across all platforms here.