The White Stripes and The Glitch Mob Team Up on Official “Seven Nation Army” Remix and NFT

Back in 2011, electronic band The Glitch Mob produced a remix of The White Stripes' 2003 classic, "Seven Nation Army." While popular, the remix never saw an official release and thus unfortunately never made it onto streaming services or into fans' personal music collections. 

That's all set to change tomorrow, when The Glitch Mob's remix will be officially released to streaming services worldwide. The track will also see a release on vinyl, with standard black available for preorder beginning April 23rd, as well as a limited 7" and a special red edition. The pressings will be available at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan, and select independent record stores in June.

In tandem with The Glitch Mob's remix, they've teamed up with The White Stripes and Strangeloop Studios to create and exclusive NFT collection. The drop features six unique pieces of art, including a trippy visualizer for the remix and the 7" test pressing of the track. Bidding on the NFT (or non-fungible token) began this week via Nifty Gateway.

Fans who patiently waited a decade for the iconic "Seven Nation Army" remix to be released can now own or stream the track, as well as a true collectible to commemorate its legacy.