This Legendary Tiësto Album Just Turned 15 Years Old & It’s Just As Good Today

Many things have changed over the course 15 years — but Tiësto remains on top!

One release that has truly stood the test time is the producer’s “everlasting, time-transcending,” trance album Just Be. It’s theatrical and moving, enticing and mysterious, and blasts us back to 2009 in a flash.

Tiësto’s second studio album became an instant staple in dance music upon its release. 15 years later, Just Be gives f those same nostalgic vibes, reminding us what made us fall in love in the first place.

Flash-forward to now and Tiësto is still crushing it. No lineup or main stage is complete without his presence. He’s known for bringing EDM the high prile collaborations and big room remixes it deserves — but he’ll never forget his roots.

Today, Just Be has us feeling some type way. Not to mention, it’s perfect listening for the long weekend. Hit play and enjoy!

Tiësto – Just Be

15 years ago, the finest trance album was released; the everlasting time-transcending Just Be. from EDM