This Rising Bass Duo Had Their Set Cut Short for Going "Too Hard"

Yellow Claw and YOOKiE were both billed to play New City Gas last night in Montreal, Canada. And, if that doesn’t just scream bass heavy madness then I really don’t know what does.

Welp, apparently whoever booked YOOKiE did not know what they were in for. Not only was the duo accused going “too hard,” they were forced to cut their set short because — well — they were going “too hard.” Seriously, wtf?

“Hey Montreal we’re sorry but unfortunately we were asked to cut our set short because our own music is ‘too hard,'” YOOKiE took to Twitter. “We’ll be back soon and we’ll give u a proper set!”

From the sounds it, Yellow Claw went f without a hitch.

As for YOOKiE, they have an ambitious tour schedule through November. Soon, they’ll be hitting up Dancefestopia Music Festival and Lost Lands Music Festival — and we can bet on neither those getting shut down.