Tokyo Machine Shares Explosive Remix of Naeleck and Hige Driver’s “Virtual Gaming”

Following his explosive collaboration with Weird Genius and Lights titled “Last Summer,” Tokyo Machine is back once again with an intoxicating remix of Naeleck and Hige Driver’s 2020 gem “Virtual Gaming.”

The mysterious Monstercat mainstay has seen massive success over the past years with his carefree brand of playful visual aesthetics and 8-bit sound design, having toured extensively as well as collaborated with the likes of Slushii and GameChops.

Naeleck couldn’t have been a better candidate for a remix from Tokyo Machine, as he is known for blending the border between music, fiction and gaming to create a seamless audiovisual world. Throughout the three minutes of his “Virtual Gaming” remix, Tokyo Machine proves why he is considered a trailblazer when it comes to this heavy yet bubbly style, infusing the original with distorted basslines and quirky 8-bit melodies.

Check out the track below.