TroyBoi Releases Fierce New Tribal Trap Track, "Mother Africa"

Inspired by his ancestral Nigerian roots, TroyBoi has released a new track that pays tribute to "Mother Africa." Infused with African tribal music, TroyBoi showcases his talents as a music manipulation specialist in this modernized jungle trap tune.

Two weeks ago, TroyBoi announced the release date of "Mother Africa" on social media, stating "Ya Boi is back." Soon after, he indirectly shared that a new EP is on the horizon and that he has decided to reveal "Mother Africa" ahead of schedule. 

"Mother Africa" begins with strong vocal chants before textured percussive elements and snappy claps take the fore. As these hard-hitting beats intensify, the build reaches a climax when a lion lets out a loud roar to initiate a thumping trap drop. To follow, TroyBoi switches up the chants, using fresh vocal samples with similar emotive flair.

The release of "Mother Africa" is accompanied by an artistic music video by Elysian Records. The video features stunning lush jungle scenery and sacred tribal artifacts, with the main focus on a powerful African woman. The use of lighting and color used throughout adds a futuristic element too. Check out the music video below.

A portion of the proceeds from "Mother Africa" is going to an organization called Save The Children Africa, which strives to help save vulnerable children from harmful situations. "Being able to give back through my music and help change the lives of many children is a phenomenal feeling," TroyBoi told Billboard.

You can find "Mother Africa" on your go-to streaming platform here.