Underground Vibes | 083

“Time Goes By” - Aiobahn, Janee & Faith

South Korean trailblazer Aiobahn has finally returned to bitbird with “Time Goes By,” which marks one of his most vibrant singles to date. Enlisting the talents of Janee and Faith, he crafts an energetic arrangement, filled with soft vocals and playful sound design.

“Lifetime” Ft. Roseanna - OBLVYN 

Combining intimate vocals lines and anthemic production, OBLVYN’s “Lifetime” alongside Roseanna is a truly stunning and explosive future bass ballad.

“Nobody” (ellis remix) - Quentyn & Kev

Talented producer and songwriter ellis has just taken on Quentyn and Kev’s “Nobody” with an official remix, infusing the single with intoxicating synth lines and warm low end.

“Main Phase” - Haan808

Haan808 stands out among FUXWITHIT’s debut compilation Champions Of The Underground Vol. 1 with his single “Main Phase,” nicely putting his forward-thinking production style on display.

“California” - Oski & NEOTEK

Quality Goods Records mainstay Oski has just unveiled his latest, 4-track EP Kid Colossus, with “California” alongside NEOTEK making up for an undisputed highlight with its gritty bass and distorted vocal chops.

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Checo - "Palo Santo" Ft. The Magic Mullet

Marking his first single this year, Miami-based Checo curates a relaxing yet energetic deep house atmosphere on “Palo Santo.”

“Breathe” - Sparkee & Sierra

As electric as it is infectious, Sparkee and Sierra’s “Breathe” finds them masterfully combining their respective styles into a funky and summery mix.

“Safar” - Ethyr

“Safar” marks Ethyr’s debut on South Asian label Indo Warehouse, and nicely showcases his ethereal production style with its organic percussion and ambient vocals.


Traversing from otherwordly drops to soft vocal sections, “NOTHING” proves just how far emerging beatsmith MAYKO has come as an artist over the past years.

“Desolate” - TYLER BREAKS

Bringing together atmospheric vocals with mesmerizing melodies, TYLER BREAKS’ “Desolate” is a truly infectious record, putting a hazy and relaxed spin on the buzzing wave genre. 

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