Vin Diesel Announces More Music On the Way

We are officially living in the Upside Down. 2020 keeps throwing us curveballs left and right, with one of the latest being Vin Diesel's budding electronic music career. After dropping his single "Feel Like I Do" in partnership with Kygo's record label late last month, the Fast and Furious actor has announced that another single is on the way.  

The track has not only racked up almost two million plays on Spotify, but it also gifted us the cringe-inducing video of a virtual daytime TV studio audience awkwardly dancing along on webcam. While not much is known about Diesel's upcoming single "Days are Gone," we can only hope it's as meme-worthy as its predecessor. Regardless, you can rest assured knowing we will again be lacing the song over a famous Diesel action moment.

Vin Diesel's forthcoming single "Days are Gone" is due for release on Friday, October 30th. Only time will tell if his venture into EDM stardom has as much longevity as the Fast and Furious franchise. In the meantime, stream "Feel Like I Do" across all platforms here.