Virtual Riot Shares Updated Version of Still-Unreleased Remix of Zedd and Kesha’s "True Colors"

Call him a perfectionist. Every Virtual Riot tune certainly expresses that the bass music producer works even the tiniest details into perfection, so it should come as no surprise that his tunes may take a while to finish. In fact, Virtual Riot has been working on a remix of a Zedd track for five years.

The virtuosic producer shared the latest iteration of his work-in-progress remix of Zedd and Kesha's "True Colors" via Twitter yesterday, writing, "this is the one you need to hear, this is what we're going for now."

Tagged as "future bass" on SoundCloud, the remix undoubtedly embodies the sound. With production elements that could only come from Virtual Riot, his take on "True Colors" seems geared for 2021 or even beyond that. 

Impressive arpeggiated synths and bright, dreamy pads line the remix that doesn't lack bass in any sense. Though the WIP has "drop test" in its title for the moment, it seems that after five years, Virtual Riot just might have it finished.

Fans are hopeful that Virtual Riot's remix will be released soon, but there's no telling just when or if it will see an official release anytime soon. And, as with any artist, it isn't "done" until its creator is happy with it. 

For now, fans can hear the WIP here.