Watch Flume Tease a New Unreleased Track on Instagram

After dropping a wild, futuristic remix of Eiffel 65's infamous track "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" out of left field, Flume has ears perking up once again. The Australian producer posted a new teaser clip of a work in progress to his Instagram story yesterday, and fans are already speculating on what the full track will sound like. 

Glistening, atmospheric chords give an eerie yet beautiful ambiance to the track. The 14-second clip doesn't reveal much beyond that, but the Flume faithful have already taken to forums like Reddit to fully dissect what's going on within the producer's Ableton project file. Check out the clip below.

“A lot my music lately has been really sharp, because that’s what’s been exciting me, but it’s also been hard to listen to," Flume told triple j last month. "I want to write a record you can put on at a dinner party."

From what can be heard in his new clip, that "dinner party" seems like it would certainly be a lively affair. In his recent interview on George Breakfast’s "Bangers & Bants" radio show, Flume revealed that he hoped to release a new album before the end of the year. It's still unclear when that album will be released, or if this new clip showcases a cut from the record in question.