Watch Grabbitz Perform Gorgeous Cover of Excision and SLANDER’s "Your Fault"

Renowned electronic producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Grabbitz was quick to enrapture the EDM world with his April collaboration with REZZ, "Someone Else," which spotlighted his stirring, Hozier-esque vocals at their finest. Now, it seems he has done the impossible, transforming the head-banging bass of "Your Fault" by Excision, SLANDER and Elle Vee into a gorgeous chorale cover suitable for all musical palettes.

With a dazzling use of harmonies, Grabbitz's take on "Your Fault" is bound to consume any listener's attention for the entirety of its single minute, deconstrcuting the track down to pure vocal perfection. It was all done in a style popularized by musician Jacob Collier, with Grabbitz splicing together five different versions of his own voice to make a track with resonance, depth and grace. 

"Your Fault" is just the latest in a long line of acoustic covers created by the artist, including both an acoustic version and a six-part harmonic version of "Someone Else." And if five frames of Grabbitz aren't enough, you can also find a chorus composed of 100 separate Grabbitz vocal recordings below.