Watch Little Foot Perform His “Jurassic Park” Theme Remix Live From a Lush Valley In Australia

The dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are stomping to a new rhythm. 

Nearly three decades after the iconic film franchise's debut, Dave Winnel has transformed the theme into a club-ready progressive house single. 

Performing under his Little Foot alias, the Australian DJ and dance music producer set up shop in a lush valley deep in the land down under to perform the track live. Originally written by legendary composer John Williams, the theme's grandiose orchestral strings aptly continue to capture the power of the larger-than-life creatures that captivate viewers to this day.

With his remix, Little Foot creates a similar sense of scale with long-form builds and breakdowns that stay true to the instantly recognizable progression of the original. He creates a measured evolutionary shift in the filter's cutoff modulation that seeks to turn the track into a hit fit for the dancefloor with a satisfying payoff. As the camera soars over the vast, green landscape soundtracked to the song's arpeggiated rhythms, one can't help but envision the magnificence of Steven Spielberg's fantastical creatures gracing the big screen.

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Watch Little Foot Perform His "Jurassic Park" Theme Remix Live From a Lush Valley In Australia

You've never heard the iconic theme of "Jurassic Park" spun quite like this progressive house rendition.

You can check out the performance below and stream Little Foot's rendition of the Jurassic Park theme music here.