WATCH: Martin Garrix's Mixer Breaks Mid-Headline Set At Creamfields

Martin Garrix was in the middle one his biggest performances the entire year when he experienced some minor technical difficulties over the weekend. The world-famous producer’s set at Creamfields in the UK was going great up until the moment his mixer stopped working.

Drop after drop, the crowd was going wild, hanging on every moment — and then, suddenly, silence. Then, Garrix jumped on the mic to fill fans in on what was happening behind the decks.

“My mixer stopped working,” he said.

The crowd stayed on top it, busting into song to keep the energy going. First, with “Whoomp! (There It Is),” but that was short lived as the beat to The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” kicked in full force.

Garrix handled the situation like the pro he is and then jumped back on the mic. “Ok, the mixer is working again,” he said.

The whole interruption lasted only 90 seconds, proving that either Creamfields’ technical team is one the best at what they do, or that it was just a simple fix! Either way, watch the moment go down below.

Martin Garrix’s Mixer Breaks Mid-Set @ Creamfields 2018