Watch Out For Snakes Drops Geeky Chipwave Single "Fight Those Invisible Ninjas"

Watch Out For Snakes is back with another time-traveling soundscape. In his first release since his 2019 album, Scars, the Atlanta producer embodies the spirit of 80s video games on the chipwave single, "Fight Those Invisible Ninjas." For those unfamiliar with the term, chipwave is a fusion of two retro electronic subgenres: chiptune and synthwave. 

Combining sounds from both genres that make up the amalgam, the chipwave single sounds like an exciting car chase through a cyberpunk city viewed from an analog TV. The darkened synthwave beat combined with classic video game tones helps bring the adventure to life and honor the inspiring art of decades past. 

Please Note: The embedded video contains strobing images.

In addition to the single, a stop-motion music video was shared. The minimalist black and white footage synced with the sound creates an interesting visual companion for "Fight Those Invisible Ninjas." While unfortunately, we don't get to see an epic battle with ninjas, we do get a glimpse at one of his energetic performances featuring a keytar and a Nintendo Entertainment System.

"Fight Those Invisible Ninjas" by Watch Out For Snakes is out now. You can purchase the geeky throwback on his Bandcamp.