WATCH: Relive Skrillex’s Surprise EDC Set Even Though It Wasn’t Streamed

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in five years working in media in dance music, it’s that this industry really sucks at keeping secrets. Earlier this weekend, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella tweeted about a special guest performing day 2 at circuitGROUNDS, and it wasn’t long before everyone zeroed in on Skrillex.

The OWSLA head and legendary producer/DJ took to the stage at 10:30pm last night and threw down an eclectic set that sat somewhere in between complete improvisation and a typical Skrillex set — whatever that means.

Unfortunately, the live stream didn’t show the set and so everyone at home was left wondering what the 45,000 people at circuitGROUNDS were witnessing. Thankfully, cameras like GoPros now have good enough audio and video quality that capturing a full set isn’t difficult.

Watch the first 25 minutes the hour-long set below, and join the discussion here.