Watch the Trippy Music Video for Hardwell’s Menacing Single, “F*CKING SOCIETY”

After torpedoing a four-year hiatus, it's clear that Hardwell wants to make a statement with each new release.

His latest is "F*CKING SOCIETY," a menacing future rave anthem that arrived today by way of his Revealed Recordings imprint. Following the release of his two comeback tracks, "BROKEN MIRROR" and "INTO THE UNKNOWN," the exhilarating single is the most compelling example of Hardwell's new, cerebral direction so far.

The lyrics of "F*CKING SOCIETY" are existentialist in nature, exploring our tendency as humans to willingly ignore the notion that we are merely cogs in the machine. A guttural voice conveys Hardwell's message loud and clear: "They know our bullshit in the fucking society / Besides saying nothing, keeping calm for eternity / They sell out their soul in search for publicity / And keep on ignoring the shaking reality."

Check out the official "F*CKING SOCIETY" music video below.

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Hardwell 2022 V3

Watch the Trippy Music Video for Hardwell's Menacing Single, "F*CKING SOCIETY"

The new single will appear on Hardwell's forthcoming sophomore album, "REBELS NEVER DIE."

In the immediate aftermath of his historic comeback set at Ultra 2022, the Dutch electronic music icon announced a world tour in support of a brand new album, REBELS NEVER DIE, his first since 2015's debut United We Are. Hardwell has not yet announced a release date, but recently confirmed that it will feature 14 songs. You can pre-save the long-awaited album here.

Taking to Instagram to announce the release of "F*CKING SOCIETY," Hardwell said the new single is one of his personal favorites from REBELS NEVER DIE.

"One of my personal favorites of the album," he wrote. "I’ve been working on this track for more than 2 years until I was satisfied. Playing it for the first time ever - getting such an amazing crowd response felt truly amazing."