Eptic Channels Chaos On Unrelenting Debut Album, “The End Of The World”: Listen

Eptic has long been regarded as a leader in bass music, consistently writing festival favorites while finding new ways to innovate and evolve his distinct sound. His debut album The End Of The World has now arrived, further cementing his legacy.

To put it simply, The End Of The World is Eptic's most complete project yet. Spanning 10 tracks, the Belgian producer has channeled his sound into an unrelenting conduit of chaos. One thing is for sure: he has never been more fearless in his approach to songwriting.

"I would be lying if I said writing this album went smooth. Making this collection of music has been the most difficult and frustrating project I’ve worked on in my entire life," Eptic said in a press release shared with EDM.com. "It’s literal blood, sweat, anger, doubt and a lot of tears." 

The ferocious "Run It" embodies the classic Eptic sound while "Drum Beat" is something completely out of the box and experimental. Eptic's collaborations are just as impressive. "Next Level" certainly embraces its name, as he and Dillon Francis have constructed a festival-ready anthem. "Detonate" (with HOL!) and "Wall of Death" (with MARAUDA) are destructive as well, offering the heavy-hitting sound design that longtime fans covet.

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Eptic Channels Chaos On Unrelenting Debut Album, "The End Of The World": Listen

The album is a masterclass in diversifying one's sound.

From start to finish, The End Of The World is the quintessential Eptic record. He doesn't miss a beat with its meticulous pacing, taking his fans through a sonic journey of neck-breaking riddim, frenetic bass house and everything in-between. An album like this is exactly what fans have been craving for years and now that it's finally arrived, it's safe to say Eptic has delivered.

"Now that it’s finished, I couldn’t be prouder," Eptic added. "I’m not trying to please anybody, I could’ve made a full dubstep album, but I chose to make a bass album with a lot of different genres and styles, which for me the EPTIC project has always been about."

Listen to The End Of The World on streaming platforms here.


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