Watch VNCCII Frolic Through Meadows as Her 3D Cyborg Avatar in "Take You Higher" Video [Premiere]

Blossoming electronic artist VNCCII is here with her second single of 2020, the captivating drum & bass bomb "Take You Higher." Along with the new track, VNCCII has also shared a technicolor animated music video, which portrays the Australian prodigy frolicking through digitized meadows as her 3D cyborg avatar.

"This song and video represent the avatar’s journey of self-belief and empowerment," VNCCII told "At the heart of this story, she comes to the epiphany that she should step unapologetically into her true powers, in order to take herself higher. Especially in 2020, all of us should look within to realise our own value and inner power, by reconnecting with our true selves."

Using her own custom holographic VR lens technology, VNCCII's "Take You Higher" music video hearkens to the animatronic subcurrents of Ex Machina. However, unlike the hellbent humanoid robot from the 2015 thriller film, the journey of VNCCII's avatar strikes a more utopian chord. Portraying a riveting voyage through hyperspeed, the video features her soaring through a supercollider and traveling through time before she falls back down to Earth, where she pirouettes through an ambrosial field of red hibiscus.

"The end scene where the viewer sees the young VNCCII avatar wearing the same high-tech magic shoes highlights the cyclical nature of this story, reinforcing the message that the power had lied within her this whole time," VNCCII explained. "The young VNCCII avatar is witnessing her future adult self discover her own power, which serves as an enlightening moment to dream big and to stop at nothing. Who knows, the younger VNCCII avatar might just be a memory implant for her AI self in order to build human emotion and sentience, but I’ll leave that up to the viewer to interpret."

Check out the music video below ahead of its official debut tomorrow, September 24th, 2020.