“Whale Song” Pays Tribute to the World’s Oceans With Stunning Experimental Electronica

Innovative sound design, a string orchestra and eclectic sampling come together in "Whale Song," an ode to the ocean by Los Angeles-based producers Carina Nour and Gibs.

The grippingly textured "Whale Song" channels the tides with an easy ebb and flow of minimalistic melodic house, classical and ambient inspirations. Scene-setting sonics are as grounding as they are disorienting: muted, thumping rhythms; bright, crackling samples; billowing bass tones. It's as though you are actually underwater, guided through the depths by tropical drums, a rippling melody, and distorted audio samples.

Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, "Whale Song" is brought to an almost overwhelming peak by an orchestral string section, before finally settling to a close with delicate plucks and piano chords.

Nour and Gibs, who hail from Lebanon and Indonesia, respectively, released their first collaboration, "Taluna," last fall. 

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Gibs, Carina Nour

"Whale Song" Pays Tribute to the World's Oceans With Stunning Experimental Electronica

Carina Nour and Gibs, two music producers from the burgeoning avant-garde electronica scene in Los Angeles, teamed up for the minimalistic melodic house single.

"We both grew up in places surrounded by the water, and we owe a lot of our respect and joy to it," the artists said in a press statement. "Most of our lifestyle is dedicated to surviving by the ocean. This ranges from our basic necessities such as food and sanitation, but also to life pleasures such as surfing and exploration," added Gibs. 

"Whale Song" is out now under Nour and Gibs' independent banner, Dunia Musik. Take a listen below.


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