Your EDM Playlist: Bensley Gives a Top 10 About What 'Muskoka' Means to Him

Bensley’s second full-length album released on RAM almost a month ago now, but the momentum has far from slowed down. Fans are still talking about it, DJs are still playing it and its unique ‘Muskoka’ mystique will likely live on well after the summer festival season. Even its namesake is a favorite summer vacation spot, Muskoka the album is truly perennial.

Muskoka is a lake region the province Ontario, Canada, about two hours north Bensley’s home city Toronto. It’s a beautiful area with a distinct ecology, history and energy. One Bensley’s aims in creating the album Muskoka was to capture the feeling those lakes and vibes. It’s no easy task in bass music, though if anyone is up to the task its Bensley.

We thought there might be some watchword tracks the mad Canadian saw as his inspiration for the truly emotive and evocative vibes he’s conjured with Muskoka and indeed there was a whole playlist’s worth. So, without any more ado, let’s delve deeper into these beautiful vibes and into the mind Bensley.

Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Easily favorite Moderat song. From the wildlife-inspired theme to the rich soundscape, this tune radiates an energy that’s very Muskokan.

Phaction – Atrix

I love this tune with all its intricacies and nuances. Definitely among Phaction’s best. About as lush as the Muskokan wilderness itself.

Jamie XX – The Rest Is Noise

Probably the most underrated and beautiful tune on his In Colour album. Jamie XX captured something special with this one. I love the delicate piano playing and pitch-bending siren lead.

Wilkinson – Wash Away

Muskoka’s main draw for me is the beautiful lakes, which is part why I’m obsessed with water-related activities to this day. For obvious reasons, “Wash Away” relates well to that kind lifestyle.

Phaeleh – Tokoi

I never get tired this light and bouncy tune from Phaeleh! The melody is infectious from the moment it comes in and when the bassline hits, it feels like I’m cruising in the boat.

Cage The Elephant – Ready To Let Go

I’ve been playing this one a lot when spending time on the dock this season! The slow and laid-back groove is perfect for lazy sunny days.

Flume – Jewel

My favorite tune f Flume’s new mixtape! It’s so fresh, and all the details and unique sounds make it get better every time you listen to it. Very summery.

Tame Impala – The Moment

Another one for sunny days, Tame Impala brought out the positive vibes on this one! It’s catchy and bouncy, and that breakdown in the middle sounds amazing.

Culture Shock – There For You

From the lush chords to the anthemic vocal, this instant classic from Culture Shock captures a feeling true bliss that’s rarely explored in drum & bass these days.

KOAN Sound & Asa – Sanctuary

This is an absolutely ethereal experience set in a rich soundscape strings, piano and unique sounds. Perfectly matches the setting Muskoka.

Muskoka is out now on RAM records Purchase or stream on multiple platforms by clicking here.