Your EDM Premiere: Haywyre – Tell Me (Notaker Remix)

Out today are six stellar remixes for Haywyre’s Panorama: Discover EP, including this incredible new one from fellow Monstercat artist Notaker.

Notaker takes the original funky, jazz hall-influenced tune and gives it a much spacier feel. This sound comes naturally to Notaker, after all, just look toward his latest releases as evidence. With “Tell Me,” the vocals and elements the melody are kept intact to tie it with its source, but the drop and pretty much everything else is entirely rearranged and newly composed.

Compared to the Ellis remix, which definitely keep a lot more the funk elements, Notaker’s feels a lot deeper and, somehow, introspective? It’s hard to put that last bit into words, but listen and close your eyes and you might see what I mean.

Listen to the full remix package here, and check out the remix from Notaker below.