Your EDM Premiere: Jonny Grande Provides Massive Remix To Skrillex's "Ruffneck Bass"

Jonny Grande is one the most talented up and coming artists in electronic music. Every track he releases is absolutely mesmerizing; my jaw is literally on the floor by the end every track. He’s back with a brand new remix, one that I’m so stoked to premiere, as Jonny provides an electrifying take on the classic Skrillex tune from 2011, “Ruffneck Bass”.

“Are you ready for the Ruffneck bass?” – These lyrics define an era dubstep. Jonny took the classic Skrillex sound and sprinkled a little southern backwoods flair onto the track making this remix truly unique. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Skrillex was obviously a huge inspiration growing up. When I rediscovered the iconic vocal sample in an old pack I just had to put my own Dirty South Dubstep spin on this classic.

Jonny Grande’s remix to “Ruffneck Bass” deserves to be in your playlist all week long. Stream it below!