Zandros’ “Reminiscent” EP Is Pure Future Bass Bliss

Pulling his listeners’ heartstrings, Zandros has unveiled a new EP, Reminiscent.

Led by singles such as “Slowly” and “Prisoner,” Reminiscent makes for a stunning showcase of Zandros’ tasteful sound curation, characterized by compelling chord progressions, breathtaking vocals and a heavy dose of bass.

Zandros said the EP revolves "around relationships and love but the unspoken, emotionally-abusive side that some are afraid to acknowledge." This is a strong part of the artistic identity of the young dance music producer, who doesn’t shy away from showing his support for mental health awareness while delivering powerful and relevant messages through his thoughtful music.

He kicks off Reminiscent with “Prisoner," a track driven by heavenly vocals and warm production. It quickly transitions into an explosive drop filled with expertly layered chords and trap-inspired percussion, taking listeners through a story of breaking free from an unhealthy relationship. “Slowly” follows a similar narrative from a male vocalist’s perspective, laced with pensive, melodic production before “Blame” enters the fray with its minimal production, intimate topline and mesmerizing arpeggios.

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Zandros’ "Reminiscent" EP Is Pure Future Bass Bliss

The five-track EP sees Zandros continuing to advocate for mental health awareness.

Finally, “Undercover” leads listeners to closure with lush sound design and hard-hitting drums while “Hold It Together (Remix)” alongside VerDantleMon and EvergreenProject masterfully blends emo-tinged vocals and future bass production, wrapping up the EP with a bang.

Take a listen to Reminiscent below.