Anna Lunoe’s New House Single Is “Dark, Rowdy and Made to Play”: Listen

Nobody does club music like Anna Lunoe. 

And while the Aussie's release schedule may have slowed down in recent years, her latest, "Double Dip," once again marks this momma bear's territory as one of the most consistently innovative players in the house music game.

"It's dark, fun, rowdy, made to play and going straight in my set," Lunoe said in a press release.

"Double Dip" gets things moving and grooving with a banging four-on-the-floor beat and throbbing bassline, arranged alongside crashing hi-hats and whirring techno synths. "Lick, lick, lick, lick / Tastes good, so I double dip,” flow its sultry vocals, written with Madison Rose. Sprinkled throughout are light bursts of garage sonics, expertly rounding out the earworm's firecracker soundscapes.

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Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe's New House Single Is "Dark, Rowdy and Made to Play": Listen

"Double Dip" has been in the works since 2019, when Lunoe wrote its infectious refrain with Madison Rose.

“I'm so happy with the balance of masculine and feminine energy," Lunoe added. "Over the past two years, at least three other producers heard the demo through my publishers and asked to work on it, but I just couldn't give it away! I knew at some point I would have the right moment to make the track for it.”

"Double Dip" is out now via the Nina Las Vegas-helmed NLV Records, ahead of an EP from Lunoe due later this year. Stream it here.