Black Coffee Caps Off 2020 With New Single from Upcoming Album, "You Need Me" With Maxine Ashley

South African DJ and producer Black Coffee has released the fifth track from his forthcoming album, Subconsciously. The preceding star-studded singles have featured the talents of Sabrina ClaudioUsher, Pharrell Williams, Celeste, and Msaki. Black Coffee has now returned with a new single alongside Bronx-born artist and model Maxine Ashley.

"You Need Me" begins with a soft kick drum and delicate piano chords, layered with impassioned vocals from Ashley. The tune is packed with raw emotion, which emanates from both the vocals and the arrangement's complimentary sounds. The melodic soundscape is beautifully textured with a variety of synths, featuring the reinvigorating work of Sun-El Musician

Black Coffee took to Instagram yesterday to share "You Need Me," writing, "My last present for you before 2021..." The release marks the latest glimpse into his hotly anticipated 12-track EP, set to be released in full on February 5th, 2021 via Ultra Records.

Listen to "You Need Me" below.