EDM.com Presents Synth Sisters, Vol. 15

There is so much talent within the electronic music community that it's difficult to keep a finger on its pulse. To assist you on your music discovery journey, EDM.com's monthly "Synth Sisters" series illuminates new releases from brilliant women producers of all genres and sizes with the hope of celebrating their contributions.

“Discoberry Jam” - Agrabah

Brazilian producer Agrabah made her &Friends debut with “Discoberry Jam.” Utilizing inspirations stemming from disco, house, and breaks, “Discoberry Jam” brims with ‘80s inspirations, Italo infusions, and groovy synths to represent the bodacious era.

“Euthymia” (Remix) - Lauren Mia

Classical pianist, composer-turned-DJ, songwriter, vocalist, and producer Lauren Mia impressed with her remix of Pandhora’s “Euthymia” on Art Vibes. Equipped with eclectic chords, glittering guitar melodies, and a steady bassline, Mia’s spin breathes life into both spheres of progressive house and melodic techno.

“Into The Groove” - Tita Lau

Vocalist-turned-producer Tita Lau celebrated her Solotoko debut with her club-ready sensation, “Into The Groove.” Complete with hypnotic synth stabs and piercing percussion, be prepared to dance the night away to Lau’s sound designs and vocal hooks.

“Want To Say” - Dot

Producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Dot landed on San Holo’s bitbird imprint with her sultry single, “Want To Say.” Emotional and diaphanous, “Want To Say” shares the struggle of telling a friend one's true feelings about them.

“Girls Who Like Boys” - Ali Story

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting "Between Broken" since its completion was announced in July 2021.

Ali Story celebrated Atlantic Records’ new dance imprint SIGNAL >> SUPPLY with her biggest song yet and the label’s second release, “Girls Who Like Boys.” Featuring a vocal sample from Blur’s iconic ‘90s hit “Boys & Girls,” Story merges pop and dance realms into a modern-day sizzling house beat that radiates confidence and empowerment.

“Silk Road” - CICI ZHU

Shanghai born, London-based producer CICI Zhu carries listeners along the “Silk Road” in her latest Zhengtronic gift. Zhu spotlights her signature Guzheng, an ancient traditional Chinese instrument, as tribal trap and world bass spirits collide.

“Oblivion” - Skellytn

REAPER arrived on Space Yacht to curate its debut drum & bass compilation, Critical Mass Vol. 1. Featuring 14 tracks from talents such as Reid Speed, Poni, NIK P, and more, Skellytn' “Oblivion” offering concludes the volume with haunting energies and slicing basslines.

“Darkness” - lupa

In succession to her enigmatic mau5trap debut "For The Ride," Bay Area-based Lupa returned to deadmau5’s label with the second single to her forthcoming debut EP. “Darkness” is full of vocal chops, eerie productions, and compelling melodic soundscapes to concoct a wicked techno performance.

“Love Me The Same” - AIXI

AIXI delivered her latest heavy-hitter on Memory Access Vault with “Love Me The Same.” Beginning with an emotional, stirring inauguration, the build up malfunctions to bestow two behemoth drops.

“Missed Calls” - ELAH

ELAH stunned on 24-8 Records with her two-track Missed Calls EP. The lead and titular track inquires for human life on the opposite line as powerful trap and cinematic bass beats commence in the spiral galaxy.