Excision and Sullivan King Drop Meteoric Collaboration "Unbound"

After a series of hilarious FaceTime teasers, Excision and Sullivan King are finally giving in to the wishes demands of headbangers all around the world. Released today on Excision's bass utopia, Subsidia Records, "Unbound" is the duo's third collaboration.

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, listeners will experience both sides of the duo on their latest collaborative effort. The first half features a gentle opening allowing King's vocals to take center stage. What follows is an uplifting melodic drop with driving synths and a bassline that keeps building upon itself. One can't help but feel like the first half is leading to something big due to the nature of the production. 

This is realized in the second half of the song when they Excision and Sullivan King let out their sinister sides. After cutting away from the melodic portion of the tune, they introduce some heavy metal strings and prepare listeners for impact. Reminding fans that they're some of the hardest-hitting artists out there, the pioneering producer and the multi-genre metalhead rip the song in half with an eruption of bass. Not only does the instrumental work change form, but King then calls upon his inner demon for a screaming vocal offering. Seemingly designed for the meteoric return of both Bass Canyon and Lost Lands, it's easy to imagine the long build-up and dramatic conclusion of "Unbound" being performed at two of the loudest events in the world. 

"Unbound" by Excision and Sullivan King is out now on Subsidia Records. You can download or stream the gigantic collaboration here.


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