Excision Shares Full Subsidia Virtual Stage Set from Lost Lands’ Couch Lands Stream

Dubstep fans rejoice: Excision has released his full Subsidia virtual stage set from Lost Lands' Couch Lands stream.

Prior to the official launch of his new Subsidia Records banner, Excision took the virtual stage to drop the curtain on a centrifuge of unreleased IDs, sending his fanbase into a rabbit hole of theories. In retrospect, the set moonlighted as an all-out Subsidia showcase, featuring an expansive selection of the 118 songs he went on to release.

Those unlucky head-bangers who were unable to catch the momentous performance can now do so after Excision uploaded the set in full.

It's important to note how much work goes into planning a performance of this magnitude. Excision and his team toiled away for weeks to pull of the technical tour de force. "Immerse yourself across all of our fully animated 3D Subsidia stages," Excision said in a tweet. "It was a long grind to get here but I’m really proud of the city we were able to create!"

You can listen to Subsidia's 118-track launch, which was split into four distinct genre- and mood-based volumes, via the links below. 

Dusk: Vol 1
Night: Vol. 1
Dawn: Vol 1

"Subsidia Mix 2020"


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