FL Studio Finally Arrives For Mac

It has been widely known for years that operating systems like Windows and Macintosh each have their own limitations. When it came to music production, some these limitations were blaring. Mac users had access to Logic, a native OSX application; Windows users had access to FL Studio, which is an -Line product. That is not to say that producers do not use other digital audio workstations, or DAWS for short, such as Abelton, Cubase, or Reason, but FL Studio & Logic Pro X were solely for their respective operating systems.

But times are changing! In their newest update, FL Studio 20 changes up the status quo, making FL Studio now available to Mac users. In years past -Line has teased full compatibility with the Mac OS through various beta testings and product statements. Until now, serious Mac users have stayed away from the FL line because its tendency crash and system instability, but that may change soon.

Fl Studio Update

From their website, -Line states:

“FL Studio is a complete stware music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing more than 20 years innovative development it has everything you need in one package.. compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master pressional quality music.”

Some the newest features on the DAW are multi-track recording, time-stretching and pitch shifting. The update will also provide a clearer mode audio editing, resulting in even more advanced audio production. When it comes to sequencing, FL includes its state the art, industry-leading “Piano Roll Editor” which is very user friendly. It will also enable users to record MIDI, as well as better control patterns, and feature a rather linear workflow.

One the last areas -Line has upgraded is in its mixing & effects. Through multi-track automation its mixer, it will allow users to achieve a more polished, and defined sound. Lastly, -Line upgraded its VST plugin support, further enabling users to use a wider arrange third party plugins.

Power Users & Pricing

Some dance music’s biggest names started with previous versions FL Studio, and some still use the Belgian Stware. Afrojack started with FL, and continues on in conjunction with other workstations. The late Avicii was known to be a heavy FL user, with some his biggest hits made with the stware. Perhaps the biggest name behind FL Studio is Martin Garrix – you can watch here as he constructs his breakout hitAnimals.’

The upgraded stware will come in four tiers, allowing users to decide what aspects the stware they need. In addition, unlike other DAWS, FL includes free lifetime updates. Someone just beginning their production journey may opt for the ‘Fruity Edition‘ which enable “Melody & Loops Creation”, priced at $99.00. More serious producers may opt for the ‘All Plugins Bundle‘ which comes with complete access, priced at $899.00. -Line also provides their ‘Producer Edition’ as well as their ‘Signature Bundle’.

Further pricing and plans can be found here. Below is the full trailer for the release. Happy producing!