Fluencee Turns Back Time With Heartfelt Future Bass Anthem, “Before You Were Mine”: Listen

"Can we rewind, turn back time?" Parvané earnestly asks on Fluencee's latest single, "Before You Were Mine." Out now via Circus Records, the enchanting future bass ballad flawlessly captures not only the starry-eyed daydreams of new love, but also the longing for those fantasies once reality inevitably reveals itself.

Fluencee expertly pairs those soaring vocals with the track's anticipative, rich synths, which oscillate alongside futuristic chords. Arpeggios flutter under the surface like butterfly wings. Meanwhile, a hypnotic melody slowly builds in intensity before plunging us into a cathartic, future bass drop.

Two years in the making, the final "Before You Were Mine" is like a warm embrace. It welcomes us into its story—one you likely know all too well—with a polished arrangement of bright downbeats and lyrical reverb. Come for the journey, stay for the feels.

"This song has been in the making for over two years and it holds a special place in my heart,' Fluencee said in a statement. "It's a love song but it's also a banger, and it's one of my favorite songs of my career. I hope it instills nostalgia and maybe even inspires people to reignite the flame of the relationships in their life that may have been taken for granted."

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Fluencee Turns Back Time With Heartfelt Future Bass Anthem, "Before You Were Mine": Listen

"Before You Were Mine" is like a warm embrace, welcoming us into its story with hypnotic melodies, rich synths and Parvané's anthemic vocals.

Listen to "Before You Were Mine" below and find the single on streaming platforms here. 


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