Flume Reimagines PinkPantheress’ “Noticed I Cried” With Trippy Drum & Bass Remix

In the spirit of PinkPantheress' to hell with it remix EP, Flume throws caution to the wind, trying his hand once again at drum & bass music.

Perhaps after seeing the reception of 2020's single "The Difference" (with Toro y Moi), Flume was inspired to dig deeper into his affinity for energizing drum & bass. PinkPantheress' original "Noticed I cried" had laid the potential groundwork for a feverishly rhythmic remix, and leave it to Flume to deliver in spades.

Flume pins a dizzying PinkPantheress vocal loop at the center of the track, creating a trippy atmosphere. He plays up these psychedelic aspects as the track progresses with frenetic vocal pitch bends and distortion. As the vocals gradually swirl into the background, space is made for whistling melodies, ominous rumbling basses, and quick-cutting drums. Take a listen below.

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Flume Reimagines PinkPantheress' "Noticed I Cried" With Trippy Drum & Bass Remix

PinkPantheress' full remix EP includes fresh spins from Sam Gellaitry, FKJ, Sango, LSDXOXO and more.

Flume's "Noticed I Cried" remix is his first since his rework of Danny L Harle's "On A Mountain," and it's likely just his first of many in 2022. The "Never Be Like You" producer recently teased fans with the suggestion a new original song alongside Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn is likely on the horizon.

PinkPantheress' full remix EP includes fresh spins from Sam Gellaitry, LSDXOXO, Tommy Gold, and more. Check out the record in full below.


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