G-REX & TVBOO Show Off Dual Strengths on Twisted Collab "Dweller" [Premiere]

2020 has been an unconventional year to say the least, so it seems fitting for the quirky duo of G-REX and TVBOO to deliver a collaboration like they have today. "Dweller" combines brilliant sound design and unexpected sonic direction, pulling from each producer's strengths to offer up this highly anticipated track.

G-REX is a familiar name in the bass and trap scene. Since garnering mass attention from 2018's PEEKABOO collab "Babatunde," the Detroit native has continued to evolve as a producer, as evidenced by last year's Requiem EP. TVBOO is a newer act out of the WAKAAN community and host of TVBOO Talks, his own comical podcast that welcomes artists from around the festival circuit. Like his collaborator, he was one of the featured guests on Liquid Stranger's ASCENSION tour this past Spring.

"I’ve known TVBOO for a while now and started this idea at a tempo that I usually don’t produce at," G_REX told EDM.com. "It turned out to be a cool idea that I thought would really go hand in hand with mixing our styles. When I sent him the demo, he loved the concept and went in and really brought it to life."

"Dweller" opens with ominous laughs and mounting sirens in the sonic distance, a typical feature of G-REX's catalogue. The track begins slower as mentioned, so the difference in tempo brings a new flavor for fans of his typical, high-octane style. The grungy beat is brought to life by a heavy bass backing around the 50-second mark and the track delivers its first drop only a few moments later.

This first commitment to going heavy lends to G-REX's style the most. While it's not as high-energy and loud as past hits like "Ladi," the sunken bass lines and heavy progression show off the intricacies of his sound design techniques. A minute later, "Dweller" offers a second drop thats even more wobbly and anarchic. Like much of TVBOO's past work, this section offers thrashing basslines and prolonged sound fluctuations that yearn to be played out for packed crowds. This song is a stellar joint effort, as it showcases each producer's unique skills while harvesting the energy the two shared in making and performing it live together.

You can listen to "Dweller" on your go-to streaming platform here.


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