i_o Brings Techno To Another Level In New EP "House of God"

If you're looking to get into techno, look no further than . I first learned i_o at EDCLV 2019 just by overhearing his set, but was intrigued and didn't leave. The rest is history. His sound is easy to get into to and talent is unmatched.

To begin his new , i_o kicks f House God with Possession. The track definitely embraces i_o's aesthetic “techno demon”. The deep synths and repetitive vocals will draw you right in.

i_o takes on the vocals in House God but what really stands out in this track is the deep, spacey vibes. The track is six and a half minutes pure techno bliss and will keep you coming back for more. Ghost in the Machine is a beautifully smooth track perfectly combining melody with all the synths you could want.

Finally, i_o brings us the only collaboration on the track with Raito with Come with Me. It's a deeper techno track and one I've been wanting to be released for a while now.

2019 has been a big year for i_o. From delivering killers sets at festivals like Ultra, EDC Las Vegas, and more, his fanbase is growing quickly. He recently debuted a collaboration with and were sure that's just the beginning big collabs. Keep an eye on this one, because he isn't holding back.

Listen to House God here: